Out on my own

After eight years at Community Partners, I am finally out on my own as an independent consultant, building web sites (mostly in Drupal at the moment) and consulting with orgs and foundations about Internet strategy. CP was an amazing place to work, but funds became increasingly scarce, and we had to close our doors. Though I miss my co-workers and the work we were doing, it was time for a change. I will likely be posting here again from time to time, but I am excited to say that I have started blogging for Idealware. Idealware is an org that's been around for several years now and I have always been a fan. It's a go-to resource for me when I need unbiased, smart, thoughtful advice on choosing software and vendors. I always tell people, "Idealware is like Consumer Reports for nonprofit tech."  This feels like I am continuing something on in the spirit of my dad and his life's work.  I am honored to join the exceedingly smart group of Idealware bloggers. My first post for Idealware talks about one of the areas of nonprofit tech that I feel most drawn to working in these days, Supported Open Source.