My Current Fave Geeky Haunts

There's Facebook and Twitter, and many of us spend a fair amount of time there, myself included. But I belong to many other smaller online communities. Some of them are particularly interesting places where there are tech-related socializing and resource-sharing discussions that I don't want to miss, and so I check in with them regularly. Here are my current favorite nonprofit tech geeky places to hang out online:

NTEN: I've been an NTEN member for a long time. Going on nine years, I think. NTEN's affinity groups have always been a go-to place for me when I want to ask a question about a new platform, or about how to do something. NTEN-discuss is the main list I've been on for years. Lately I find that conversations are dwindling there and seem to be moving over to Progressive Exchange. But NTEN is rethinking its affinity groups and how to keep them relevant and useful. They are experimenting with a new group format called Communities of Practice, and I am most definitely paying attention to how that evolves.

Progressive Exchange: This list is extermely active, the way NTEN-Discuss once was. It's a fairly friendly environment where people can ask each other about what platforms their using and what vendors they like and whether or not they're having Google Apps issues on a particular day, etc. There are also a lot of job announcements, and posts about new software tools. It seems heavy on the D.C. org scene, but I definitely feel like it keeps me in touch with what's going on in the nonprofit tech scene. 

Drupal Groups: Drupalchix is invaluable to me, even though it's fairly light on the discussion traffic. Angie Byron started it, and in the male-dominated developer world, and somewhat intense larger community, DrupalChix makes me feel infiintely less lonely. Angie's newer group, Drupal Rainbow, is for LGBTQI Drupalers, a.k.a. "gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans/queer/intersex Drupal community members".  I believe the unofficial tagline is "Taste the rainbow," though I also think "All the way across the sky, so intense" whenever I see the name. There's not a lot going on yet on Drupal Rainbow, but in case I'm their only token "B", I hang out there and look forward to cool things that could come out of that group.

Discussions topics I crave more of: nonprofit tech consulting, front-end development, more Drupal and WordPress development chitchat. 

I am nerdy enough that I still hang out in the RSS feeds of my fave blogs every day. I've been meaning to get a blogroll up here and do a post on my fave blogs, because they make my life better. 

If you have a recommendation for a great geeky haunt, please share!