My WordPress Cloud Notebook

The "5 Things I'm Reading Now" block you see to your right is a feed coming from my new WordPress site, After migrating this blog to Drupal 7, I found I missed having a WordPress site to play with. So I set one up, and the next thing I knew I was using it as a kind of "cloud notebook", a place to store links and ideas.

Recipe for a Flash-Free Flickr Slideshow in Drupal

If you're in a Flickr photostream or group pool or photo set, there's a "Slideshow" button in the upper right corner that has "share" options. These share options give you embeddable code that you can drop into content on any site. What's great about it: it's easy to use. What's not so great about it? It's Flash. Flash is notorious for being far less cross-browser/platform compatible and user-accessible than Javascript/jQuery. If you are comfortable installing Drupal modules and using Views, it's not hard to pull any RSS feed into Drupal from Flickr and use Views to generate a jQuery slideshow.

Effortless Image Handling in Drupal 7

Crying Drupal faceHah! Did I get you with the "effortless"? The thing about Drupal, like most open souce CMS platforms, is that you can get it to a place where it's an amazingly easy and powerful way to admin your content, but you have to put in a bunch of effort first. This is especially true if you're an early adopter and like to experiment with the newest version of Drupal.

One thing I'm doing with this blog site of mine, besides blogging, is using it to test essential modules and features that most web content admins need and want. Like the ability to easily upload and insert images into a piece of content. So when I read this Module Monday post by Lullabot, I got excited.


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