Webchick on Women in Drupal

Angie Byron, known as Webchick in the Drupal community, is a woman in tech for whom I have great admiration and respect. There are still many days when being a woman in tech is not super comfortable, and Angie's presence in the Drupal community makes a big difference to me. Just having a woman out there, who is visible at a high level in the Drupal community and is also accessible, honest, thoughtful and community-minded... she's inspiring.

WordPress + Drupal = World Domination

(This is reposted on Idealware.)

Okay, maybe not world domination. But at least some serious progress toward some really usable, community-developed technology. That's a big deal. I feel like Drupal and WordPress are hitting their stride more and more. It's getting easier to build sites on a budget that orgs can mostly manage and update themselves. I've been building proprietary and open source CMS sites for nonprofits for over a decade, and I feel like right now, CMS technology is particularly accessible.

I [heart] Networks

I had the privilege of working with Beth Kanter via my old org years ago, and have been addicted to her smartness ever since. A year plus into my independent consulting practice, I've been doing a lot of work to move it in a direction that works best for both me and my clients. This is not the first time I've gone to Beth's blog and found a post that brilliantly articulated something I've been thinking about.


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