Indie music, Creative Commons : A whole new model thriving on the Web

CASH music Photo by Taryn James The music industry. In my view, it's been in an identity crisis for a while now. The advent of online music sharing, legal or not, are part of the change. Most people I know rarely buy albums anymore. I'm sure it's hard to be in the recording industry these days, at all levels from artist on out. It's even rough for fans.

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by a  data-cke-saved-href= photo by Vik Nanda I am back from "vacation." It involved some nice time in Maine, during which our 22-month-old learned many words, including the fave of the week, "LOON! LOOOOOOOOOON!!!" The main feature, however, was another sick-parent emergency, and our beloved greyhound has become gravely ill, too. What do you do when you need a vacation from your vacation?

Probably unwise, going offline: the working parent's dilemma

I am really excited to talk more about all sorts of things... internal Web collaboration strategies, new Web 2.0/Old Skool projects on the horizon, and the ever-changing work of the non-profit techie. It looks like my org might have another year of funding (fingers still crossed, but we might have made it!). I think, very possibly, there's a year of really engaging work ahead of us, and I hope we will be learning a lot. I plan to share what we learn here. At the moment, I am juggling my nonprofit techie work with a cute but obstinate toddler, and a terminally ill parent.


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